lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Before Christmas the children were involved in a presentation for their parents and all of us who were invited to it. The religious sisters and the teachers prepared the children well. The first photo shows the parents seated and looking on at their sons and daughters. The second shows a group of four boys playing tin whistles. I taught them to play the whistle. The teachers picked out four of them who were excelent and played well after just four months of learning.
The last picture shows the flags at the school; the Irish flag; the Australian flag; the papal flag and the Ecuadorian flag.
The drama and dancing and singing was put on after the baptisms and mass and lasted about an hour. The parents had to move because of the heat of the sun and after a short while there was no one sitting in the chairs. All this took place on Wed 23rd of December in the school playground. Behind the adults who are seated is the little shop which offers natural fruit drinks and other food to the children at a very minimal price.
Making this report on Mon 18th January, 2010. P.J.